About Us

alex and greatful customer

Back to School leather jacket

antique bellows


  • Small Family Business,
  • At this location for 13 year.
  • Originated in Ukraine city, Lvov

This  is a trade a very unique trade and the only way to master it is if you have it in your blood.

For 3 generations we have provided a full shoe and leather service and we keep it in the family thats why we  have great relationships with our customers for over 13 years at this location .We originated in Ukraine city (lvov )where my father went to college for shoe making, leather crafstmanship and 20 years ago brought this knowledge to Minneapolis MN.


  1. I have used many shoe repairs in the area and your shop does the best work in town. GREAT WORK KEEP IT UP.

    Loyal customer.

  2. My friends giggle when I tell them I have to go to the cobbler to get my boots fixed. You know the perfect pair… except that the toes are scuffed and the tips of heels have fallen off. Don’t miss this tiny little storefront on Lyndale – a week or two there and your shoes/boots will be like new again. Tip: Bring cash or check and be prepared to pay for work in advance.
    – From Christine S.
    Minneapolis, MN on yelp

  3. Alexander Zelenyuk says:

    I needed some boots repaired, the service was awesome, the repair was better than new, the turnaround time could not be beat!!! Alex is great to talk to, thanks again Alex for the work you did!!!
    kenderlyn r.

  4. Parizad Gadzhiyeva says:

    I brought in a pair of brown leather shoes last week after the heel of one of the shoes had fallen off.

    I tend not to spend $50.00 purchasing news shoes, much less to repair an old pair. I was hesitant to spend that much on a repair, but I am particularly fond of this pair of shoes. So, I was able to be convinced to have you do the repair. This note is just to let you know that am very pleased with the work. You said they would be like a new pair of shoes, and indeed they are. I will happily and regularly tell people of the quality of service you provide, and intend to use your services the next time I need a cobbler.

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